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"This is an outstanding amp for the serious gigging guitarist, and it’s not overly expensive either, considering that other makers are charging $1,000 to $1,500 more for this kind of build quality and sonic veracity. All of which makes the Space Cowboy a shoe-in for an Editors’ Pick Award."
Reeves Space Cowboy Earns Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award
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"The Custom 18 was easily loud enough to use with a band, delivering a voracious palette of tones that respond beautifully to changes in guitar volume and/or pick intensity. In non-boost mode, the Gain control can be dialed to produce everything from sparkling clean rhythm textures to overdriven sounds with plenty of sustain for solos."
Reeves Custom 18 Earns Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award
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The Reeves Custom 18 takes on Dr. Z, King Amplification, Blankenship Amplification, and Ugly Amps in a no holds barred British Crunch shootout in December's Vintage Guitar magazine.
British Amp Shootout Featuring the Reeves Custom 18
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" The original HIWATT amps designed by Dave Reeves' Hylight Electronics company first appeared in England in 1966-67. HIWATT amps are known for their bullet-proof reliability, military spec, point-to-point, turret board construction supervised by Harry Joyce in the 70's, and their robust signature tone - huge, loud, and the cleanest of any classic British amp ever made. For more information on HIWATT amps and our previous review of a vintage Harry Joyce-signed DR 505 50W head, please see the May 2001 of TQR. At the time we acquired our HIWATT they were commonly available for under $800. They are easily twice that amount now, but if authentic HIWATT tone is in your future, you still have worthy options."
Tonequest Report July 2006
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"The Reeves really came into its own when we started pushing the master volume control, which brought the EL34s to life with a boatload of snap in the high-end response and a big, even, full-spectrum sound."
Bob Tekippe / Phil Feser, Vintage Guitar (November 2003)

Customer Reviews

"Thank you for such a great amp!  I took a leap of faith just going for it based on the few clips I listened to on your website and YouTube.  I can't tell you how happy I am with how this thing sounds, not to mention the build quality.  I also really appreciate your responsiveness and level of customer service...A million thanks for building me the best present my wife has ever given me!!!"
Kevin F.

"The overdrive is warm and nails Cream-era Clapton tones and then some... no pedal or modelling amp can do what an honest to God tube amp like this can do."
Harmony Central review

"This is a 2004 Reeves Custom 50. Can anyone say DR504 4-input version? If you loved that amp, you'll love this amp. I have them both and the similarity tone-wise is remarkable. If you have a DR504, take it in and AB it with this head. It is difficult to tell the difference. "
Harmony Central review

"I am using a Fender Strat with EMG-SA's and a Gretsch Duo Jet. This amp sounds just like a 1970's Hiwatt. Clean, full, thick, and chimey. Great amp! I will give it a 10 because they really nailed the Hiwatt sound and that is what I was after. Congrats Reeves!!"
Harmony Central review

"...It is all that a Hiwatt is and more. It has that loud blistering clean sound that is warm and sizzly, and with lots of headroom. And when you crank it, it breaks up beautifully. The controls are easy to work with...It's built like a tank and wired with care...I have played everything, and I mean everything. I also like the Komet a lot, but for half the price, this Reeves stands shoulder to shoulder...It's super loud, super dynamic, but it will stay clean until you get to a volume that will open your eyes. My Diezel has a lot of thump and will really move air. But guess what, this Reeves' got it beat."
Harmony Central review