Custom 225 Bass Amp

Reeves Custom 225


Reeves Amplification announces its first entry in the bass amp category with the Custom 225. Rated at a punishing 225 watts into 8 ohms, the Custom 225 was designed from the ground up with the bass player in mind, with features like active / passive input selection and balanced XLR line out.

Prices and Options

225-watt Head


NOS Tubes

We offer NOS tube options to further enhance you tonal experience. Please ask about price and availability.

Reeves Custom 225 Circuit


  • Two channel preamp design with bright and normal volume controls
  • Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence tone controls
  • Master Volume
  • 225w via four KT-88's
  • Three 12ax7's, One 12AT7
  • Hand wired turret board construction
  • Active/Passive input selector
  • Switchable 2, 4, 8 ohm impedance switch
  • Transformer balanced XLR line out


"Tube bass amps don't get much more luxurious than the Reeves, but the luxury comes by way of sonically beneficial high-end components and nearly flawless construction."
Bass Player Magazine (read the full review)

The first thing you notice when you fire up the Custom 225 is the truly massive, lush, powerful low end.  You feel like you are playing in a stadium with a wall full of amps behind you, no matter what the volume level.  It is a highly satisfying sensation."
Bass Gear Magazine (read the full review)


225-watt Head

24" (width) x 11-13/16 " (height) x 11-5/8 " (depth)

Note: Handles are now one on each side - see Custom 400 for reference

Reeves Custom 225

Custom 225 Audio Clips

Jazz Bass into 4x10 Cab
Jazz Bass into 1x15 Cab
Precision Bass into 4x10 Cab
Precision Bass into 1x15 Cab