Custom 50 PS

Reeves Custom 50 PS


The Custom 50 PS is the same circuit as our standard Custom 50 but with the addition of Power Scaling to give you that "Live at Leeds" tone without disrupting the neighborhood.

Constructed to the exact same specifications as the original design with Partridge replica transformers, dual channel pre-amp with 4 Inputs (2 Normal, 2 Bright). Normal volume and Bright volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Drive, and Power Scale controls. Like all Reeves Amplifiers, the Custom 50 is entirely hand assembled using only the finest quality components-resistors and capacitors assembled on a FR-5 turret board utilizing "Mil-Spec" wiring techniques.

Following closely to the original design the Reeves Custom 50 is the new leader in high headroom-low distortion amplification. If you are looking for an amplifier as solid base for laying your pedals on top of - then the Custom 50 will provide dynamic impact, soundstage focus and detail.

Prices and Options

Custom 50PS Head


Custom 50PS 1x12 Combo

Open back loaded with Vintage Purple speaker. (Also shown is the matching 1x12 open back extension cabinet - $649)
21-34" (width) x 22" (height) x 11" (depth) 60lbs.


Tube-buffered Effects Loop Option

Series effects loop with true bypass
Tube-buffered send and return
Send and return level controls
Foot switchable (Foot Switch included)

Available Colors (Black-standard  Orange or White special order)

black orange

NOS Tubes

We offer NOS tube options to further enhance you tonal experience. Please ask about price and availability.


"The Reeves really came into its own when we started pushing the master volume control, which brought the EL34s to life with a boatload of snap in the high-end response and a big, even, full-spectrum sound."
Bob Tekippe / Phil Feser, Vintage Guitar (November 2003)

"This is a 2004 Reeves Custom 50. Can anyone say DR504 4-input version? If you loved that amp, you'll love this amp. I have them both and the similarity tone-wise is remarkable. If you have a DR504, take it in and AB it with this head. It is difficult to tell the difference. "
Harmony Central review

"I am using a Fender Strat with EMG-SA's and a Gretsch Duo Jet. This amp sounds just like a 1970's Hiwatt. Clean, full, thick, and chimey. Great amp! I will give it a 10 because they really nailed the Hiwatt sound and that is what I was after. Congrats Reeves!!"
Harmony Central review

"...It is all that a Hiwatt is and more. It has that loud blistering clean sound that is warm and sizzly, and with lots of headroom. And when you crank it, it breaks up beautifully. The controls are easy to work with...It's built like a tank and wired with care...I have played everything, and I mean everything. I also like the Komet a lot, but for half the price, this Reeves stands shoulder to shoulder...It's super loud, super dynamic, but it will stay clean until you get to a volume that will open your eyes. My Diezel has a lot of thump and will really move air. But guess what, this Reeves' got it beat."
Harmony Central review


  • All-tube circuit
  • Hand wired turret board construction
  • 50 watts via 2 EL34 output tubes (Custom 50)
  • 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and 1 12AT7 phase inverter
  • Transformers wound to original Partridge specifications
  • Switchable 4, 8, and 16 ohm impedance switch
  • 120V or 230V, 50/60Hz voltage available
Reeves Custom 50PS Stack
Reeves Custom 50PS Combo
Reeves Custom 50PS Cab
Reeves Custom 50 Circuit


Custom 50PS Head

25-3/16" (width) x 10-7/8 " (height) x 11-1/4 " (depth)
42 lbs

Custom 50PS 1x12 Combo

21-3/4" (width) x 22" (height) x 11" (depth)
Loaded with Vintage Purple speaker