Custom Jimmy

Custom Jimmy


The Custom 'Jimmy' is a faithful recreation of Page's Hiwatt® amp that he used circa 1969 - 1971.  Constructed to the exact same specifications as 1970's British design with Partridge replica transformers, dual channel pre-amp with 4 Inputs (2 Normal, 2 Bright). Normal volume and bright volume, bass, middle, treble, presence and master volume controls. Like all Reeves Amplifiers, the Custom Jimmy is entirely hand assembled using only the finest quality components assembled on a Garolite turret board utilizing "Mil-Spec" wiring techniques.

What makes this amp different than other Hiwatt® circuits of the same period is that is has more gain on tap...more vintage Marshall in nature.  And something even more unique is its foot switch volume cut.  The amount of volume cut is adjusted by the balance control on the front other words, the amp can be played with a more aggressive preamp tone (adjusted by the input control) and then switched, via the foot switch, to a less aggressive-more typical cleaner Hiwatt® tone .  It works kind of like a two channel amp, but it is not.

Prices and Options

Custom 50 Jimmy Head


Custom 100 Jimmy Head


Tube-buffered Effects Loop

Series effects loop with true bypass
Tube-buffered send and return
Send and return level controls
Foot switchable (Foot Switch Included)

Power Scaling (50-watt only)


Available Colors (Black-standard  Orange or White special order)

black orange white

NOS Tubes

We offer NOS tube options to further enhance you tonal experience. Please ask about price and availability.


Custom 50 Jimmy Head

25-3/16" (width) x 10-7/8 " (height) x 11-1/4 " (depth)
42 lbs

Custom 100 Jimmy Head

25-3/16" (width) x 10-7/8 " (height) x 11-1/4 " (depth)

Custom Jimmy Circuit


  • All-tube circuit
  • Hand wired turret board construction
  • 50 watts via 2 EL34 output tubes (Custom 50)
  • 100 watts via 4 EL34 output tubes (Custom 100)
  • 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and 1 x 12AT7 phase inverter
  • Transformers wound to original Partridge specifications
  • Footswitchable volume cut (foot switch included)
  • Switchable 4,8,16 ohm impedance switch on the rear of the unit
  • 120V, 230V,  voltages available

ToneQuest Report Review

The ToneQuest Report reviews the Reeves Custom Jimmy and Super '78 amplifiers in their October 2010 issue. "We’ve reviewed a ton of amps in these pages, but like the original Hiwatt amps that inspired them, the two Reeves amps evaluated here are exceptional indeed, uniquely versatile as described and built to an unsurpassed standard of impeccable care and quality."

Read the full article

Lenny Kravitz full UNEDITED Performance from the Kennedy Honors Tribute to Led Zeppelin . Guitarist Craig Ross is playing a 100w Jimmy through a R2x12W speaker cabinet.

Custom Jimmy Audio Clips

All clips below feature Dan Blanzy on guitar and bass ( ) and Rob Emanuel on drums.