Built around the famous early 1960's all tube spring reverb design - yielding full-bodied tone from subtle to surf.  Meticulously hand wired on a FR4 turret board and using a NOS 6K6GT power tube, NOS 12AT7 driver tube and a new production 12ax7 recovery tube, the Reevesverb is a great addition to any amplifier.  With Mix, Tone and Dwell you will have more control over your verb.  Also, included is a footswitch to allow you to turn on and off the reverb.

Reevesverb Demo


  • 100% Analog
  • 16.75" 3-Spring reverb tank
  • NOS 6K6GT Output tube
  • NOS 12AT7 Driver tube
  • Current production 12AX7 Recovery tube
  • Controls: Mix, Tone, Dwell
  • 20" (width) x 8" (height) x 8" (depth)
  • Hand Made in the USA

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