Guitar Cabinets


All Reeves cabinets are constructed of finger jointed 3/4" marine birch plywood. Our cabinets feature Slot Load Venting for improved bass response, and are available in either 1x12, 2x12, or 4x12 configurations.

Metal inserts are standard on the back panels of every Reeves speaker and combo cabinet. This method ensures a tight and secure panel free of "stripping out" common with just using wood screws.

finger joint construction
metal insert

R1x12W and R2x12W Cabinets

The Reeves R1x12W and R2x12W extension cabinets utilizes Wave Breaker technology of deflecting internal sound waves of the speaker.  Wave Breaker  is a synthetic large cell foam placed on the back cabinet wall, directly behind the speaker magnet, that will reduce standing wave/back wave from the speaker.  Why do we want to reduce standing waves in a speaker cabinet?

  1. To reduce internal reflections from eventually being reflected back through the cone (or port), where they'd add delayed & distorted output to the original cone output.
  2. The cumulative effect of the out-of-phase cone rear output reaching yours ears together with the driver's direct radiation is timing errors plus reinforcement and cancellation of certain frequencies in a series of peaks and troughs that are discordant.
  3. When Wave Breaker  is placed behind the speaker these back waves are absorbed and broken up in the wave breaker molecular structure. This prevents the bounce back and therefore prevents the distortion and phasing issues.

4×12 Cabinet

Our loaded 4x12 cabinets feature 300 watts power handling capacity at 16 ohm impedance with Vintage Purple speakers.

Prices and Dimensions

R1 X 12W Cabinet
25-12" (width) x 20-1/2 " (height) x 11 " (depth)
$799 loadedR2 X 12W Cabinet
30" (width) x 24-3/4" (height) x 11-7/8" (depth)
$999 loaded

4x12 Cabinet
30" (width) x 30-7/8 " (height) x 13-15/16" (depth)
$1399 loaded


Speaker Options

Speaker options for 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets...price is the same for any speaker.

  • Vintage Purple...modeled after the Fane speakers used by Hiwatt in the '70's
  • Celestion Creamback
  • WGS Reaper HP
Available Colors

black orange

Vintage Purple Speakers

The Vintage Purple speakers were developed to fill a void in the market place when the Fane speakers that were originally loaded into Hiwatt cabinets in the '70s went out of production.

The Vintage Purple 12" speaker is built on a Cast Aluminum frame with a 56-oz. magnet and a 2" voice coil. We took an original Fane speaker from a vintage Hiwatt cabinet, refined several prototypes until we replicated that magical tone.

100db / 75 watt / 16-ohm

Available for individual purchase
$129 each

Reeves Amplification Vintage Purple Speaker